Meet Malvin Minor.

Malvin Minor is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, song-writer, entrepreneur who began his musical journey at the early age of three years old in which he started to play drums. As he grew older he began to show interests in other instruments such as bass guitar and keyboard/ piano in which he also began in song writing. After the interests in other instruments and song writing, Malvin grew interest in recording and music production. Once grasping the concept of basic recording he went on to expand into vocal and instrument recording including live drums, bass guitar, keyboard etc. In obtaining these skills he’s been able to record multiple live recording sessions for artists.

In Malvin’s musical journey his biggest self awarding achievement has been taking private piano lessons in which he obtained several attributes to enhance his musical skills, knowledge and abilities. In his lessons he grasped the understanding of music including song structure, music theory, sight reading, rhythm and much more. As a producer his goal is to bring the artist’s vision, ideas, and concepts from their heart and mind to life in the format of a song. Malvin’s goal and heart’s desire in his music career is to play, write, produce, arrange and capture songs that touch lives all around the world.